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Are you considering expanding your living space with a stylish extension? At Lazaretto, we understand that every detail counts, including the crucial choice of roof design. Whether you're envisioning a sleek flat roof extension or the timeless appeal of a pitched roof extension, we've got you covered. Let's explore the merits of each option:

Flat Roof Extension:

Flat roof extensions offer a contemporary aesthetic and cost-effective solution for your home expansion project. Here's why they're worth considering:


Cost-Effective: Flat roofs generally come with lower construction costs due to simplified structural requirements and materials.

Modern Appeal: Achieve a sleek, modern look that complements contemporary architectural styles.

Natural Light Integration: Incorporate skylights and light wells seamlessly into your design for enhanced illumination.

Rainwater Drainage: Despite their name, flat roofs are subtly pitched to facilitate efficient rainwater runoff.


Reduced Ceiling Height: The lower ceiling may create a perception of limited space within the extension.

Maintenance Needs: Depending on materials used, flat roofs may require more upkeep over time.

Shorter Lifespan: Flat roofs typically have a shorter lifespan compared to pitched roofs.

Energy Efficiency: They may not offer the same level of energy efficiency as other designs.

Pitched Roof Extension:

For those seeking a timeless and versatile option, pitched roof extensions present several advantages:


Aesthetic Compatibility: Blend seamlessly with traditional house styles, often preferred by planning authorities.

Increased Ceiling Height: Enjoy spacious interiors with higher ceilings, allowing for architectural flourishes like exposed beams.

Longevity: Pitched roofs boast a longer lifespan, thanks to durable materials and weather-resistant design.

Enhanced Insulation: Provide superior insulation, contributing to energy efficiency and reduced utility costs.

Cons: Higher Costs: Pitched roofs typically involve higher initial costs due to complex engineering and materials. Extended Construction Time: Construction timelines may be longer compared to flat roofs, potentially leading to increased labor expenses.

Choosing Your Extension:

At Lazaretto, we're here to guide you in making the best choice for your London home extension. Whether you opt for the modern allure of a flat roof or the timeless charm of a pitched roof, our expert team ensures a seamless and satisfying experience from conception to completion.

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