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What is House Rendering?
House rendering is the process of applying a coating, such as cement or lime, to the surface of a façade (primarily external brickwork) to create a smooth or textured finish. This technique, commonly known as cement rendering, involves the application of a mixture consisting of cement, sand, water, and sometimes lime or clay. It is typically used on rough surfaces like brick, stone, concrete blocks, or painted walls to achieve a smooth and straight finish.

How to Render a House?
Rendering a house requires skill and careful preparation. The process involves several steps:
Preparation: The surface must be properly cleaned to remove loose paint, dust, debris, and any signs of mold. This may involve hosing down the wall to ensure proper adhesion of the render.
Mixing the Render: A mixture of water and various ingredients is prepared to form the final render paste. This often requires the use of heavy-duty drill mixers for consistency.
Applying the Render: The render is applied evenly to the surface using proper tools, ensuring consistent thickness and filling any holes or divots as necessary.

Drying the Render: The applied render needs time to firm up and solidify, typically requiring 2 to 3 days between coats for maximum strength and to prevent shrinkage cracks.
Finishing the Render: Once the render is firm, the surface is smoothed using appropriate tools to achieve the desired texture. Techniques for curing may be employed to prevent cracking, depending on the climate.
How Much Does it Cost to Render a House?
Rendering a house is a significant investment due to the complexity of the process. On average, the cost ranges from £50 to £65 per square meter for a typical single-story home, with prices varying based on location and specific requirements.

Is Rendering Brick a Good Idea?
Rendering brick walls is highly recommended for both aesthetic and practical reasons. It provides a fresh, modern look while improving insulation properties and protecting against weather elements and pests.
At Lazaretto, we offer professional rendering services tailored to your specific needs. Contact us for a personalized quote or use our cement render calculator for a more accurate estimate based on your property's measurements.

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